It’s may 😀


What a great start to the weekend I had I did a early workout and clocked up 11,000 steps by 9.00am Then did the cleaning while listening to s.m.a podcast then went on a long walk while listening to sounds of the 90s.

Got very wet near the end of my walk so had a bath with my bath bomb which smelled amazing you can’t beat a bath bomb after getting soaked by the rain and hail stones.

The swans have had 7 babies they are so adorable.

Happy may to you all and let’s hope the sun comes back out for us soon,I’m more motivated when the sun shines and gives me more energy.

Great start to the month of may

Positive post


Hope all is well

Now we are coming to the end of another month and slowly getting back to normal it time to start getting ready for the summer months, I always feel more healthy and at my best in the spring/summer, there’s something so lovely about walking in the sunshine.

I will still do my workouts and walks it’s just nicer when the suns out and gives you extra motivation.

I haven’t done any workouts from Thursday last week till today Wednesday, I haven’t enjoyed my workouts so much as I did today having had a break from it, I’m sure I will sleep well tonight. I feel more energy today and have had a very good day in general I’m hoping tomorrow will be just as great plus it’s closer to Friday and I do love Fridays knowing I will have 3 days off work and 3 days of great workouts.

I def don’t plan to have anymore breaks from my workouts as there are a few new ones I haven’t done yet, so excited to do them.

Let’s hope the positive vibes keep on coming

Stay focus

Never give up

Love to all

The power of water 🐠🐟🦆🦢

Hello happy Monday 🌼

So it occurred to me the other day that every walk i do is by some form of water 🌊 which is quite fitting that I love being by the water and my star sign is a water sign cancer the crab 🦀 I believe that could be why I’m always relaxed around water.

I do love the beach 🏊🏻 and would really love to go jogging on the beach then jump in the sea to cool down, maybe when I’m on holiday next I might full feel my dream run 🏃🏻‍♂️

Hope this is a good week everybody keeps moving and enjoy the calm of the river, stream,pond and canal.

Even just looking at a picture really makes you feel calm and relaxed. But a swim in any kind of water is great for all muscles and brain, the feeling of it on your skin also feels great and your skin loves it.

Healthy weekend


Had a great day yesterday very productive day cleaning 🧽🪣 even did a hour and half workout doing all my favourites. I managed to clock up 22,000 steps which is great for the weekend. The only annoying thing is having a bottle of wine Friday evening and last night 🍾I don’t know why I do it, but to be fair both mornings I have felt great still have the energy for my cleaning and workouts and even took a long walk down to knightshayes in the lovely sunshine which has been kindly out for us🌞

Hope all is well with the world I’m now plan to have a lovely meal of spag bol and a nice quite relaxing evening followed by a early nights sleep to feel fresh and great for the next day.

Hope you all sleep well with all the exercise I have done I should sleep very well. 🛏😴

Take care enjoy the rest of the weekend 😜

Book club


So I have started reading this book so far so good I feel it’s going to be a great read one that will give me inspiration and keep me grounded. It’s called no one can change your life except for you. It’s a true title no one can, I don’t need to change anything in my life but if I could I would like to change my hometown to the beach not sure what one any will do me.

I started this fitness journey a year ago now and so glad I did, I don’t want to give it up now I come so far. everyday I like to do different workouts because I don’t want to get bored of my favourites I did do walking Abs with Rick again today but I do like to do Abs and if I can get some extra steps in then it’s a win win.

Almost the weekend which means I can do my workouts, clean and even read some more of this book. I do enjoy a good read. I’m hoping in the summer to go for a long walk and find a nice place to sit and read in the sun, the gardens great but it would be very relaxing someone with water like the canal or river.

So keep safe stay healthy and relax with a good book, I recommend all of fearne cotton books if you want some self help advice or if your looking for comedy grab a copy of shagged married annoyed. Or a fun book to get into is Sophie Kinsella’s shopaholic no matter how many times I read those books I still find them funny and gripping you can’t go wrong with any of her books.

I will keep you posted on my thoughts of Laura whitmore no one can change your life but you.

Write soon ✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻

Back to life


So the return to the normal this week but I really want to keep up my fitness routine, so when I got home today I did my fav workout day 4 wake up with joe followed by a new one by Gina b which was step back to the 50s walkout. Very much enjoyed, then did a 20 min yoga.I’m hoping that will help me sleep well tonight.

I must admit it was nice to go back to normal and still get a walk in to work and back. I don’t even feel bad now I’m sat watching t.v.

All in All it’s been a productive day 💪💪

May walk abit further tomorrow if sun is out a walk to the river to calm the stresses of the day, if not a Rick workout will be much appreciated.

Fridays I have planned to make it my walk up the canal while listening to S.M.A could be dangerous if it’s to funny I nearly laughed out loud last week in public.

Hope everybody’s week is going well ❤️❤️

20 min hardcore HITT


Great morning workout with 40sec work 15 sec rest.

Starting with a 40sec fast run.

6 high knees and I Burpee

Working the core abs move with a toe touch

Power squats

Bear crawls

5 press ups and 4 lunge jumps

Squat jumps


Kick throughs

Side crawl burpees

Shoulder touch

High knees


Side plank (right)

Side plank (left)

A few workout moves I done this morning then I done walking abs and a 80s power walk.

I have been doing a 15 min dance move with (Jamie kinkeade) it brings your heart up very high and gives a great sweat on. So worth doing.

And I then done a 30min Gina b walk into 2020 which was last new year so unaware of how her workouts would become so important that year.

And a treat through the door for me today my women’s health mag. Enjoyable read.

Who knows what the future holds but I’m confident to keep up this fitness journey of fun and plenty of sunshine walks.

I don’t worry about lying in the garden for hours this summer, taking a walk in the sunshine will be more of a benefit as I will loose so much time with working so I’m going to do everything I can to keep my fitness going.

Let’s have a positive week and a catch up on my sleep is much needed.🛌😴😴😴😴

Bye for now enjoy your movements

Spring forward not back


Happy Easter fellow bloggers

This time of year is a great time it’s a good chance to revalue everything you have all the beautiful flowers and the new baby animals everywhere. It makes you start to think about the summer months and with that comes the change in diet and the lighter days and evenings.

At Christmas I did a few challengers and last year I completed some online courses, I done a yoga challenge also along with a confidence course.

Now it’s time for some new plans and a new routine although at the moment I don’t feel like going back to my work life because I’m going to miss my workouts and my walks, I’m still planning on keeping my workouts up and my walks. It’s to important for me to give up now.

I plan on doing workouts from Monday to Thursday leaving Fridays to walk the canal after work. Least I will get a good walk in some part of my week and leaving the weekends to do workouts and long walks. Oh and the cleaning god knows how to fit everything in.😡🤬

This week I’m planning to go to the canal for a long walk and maybe even sit somewhere and read. I have a few books I want to read. That’s if the sun wants to shine my way.🌞

Hope your all having a happy Easter 🥚

I shall do a piece about this book when I have read it and give my honest opinion.

Bye till next time

It’s a win today


Just wanted to celebrate my win today of winning my 40,000 step badge with fitbit.

It was my goal this lock down to get that badge and today I did it.

I never planned today to do it it just sort of happened that way. Once I did a workout and a early then normal walk to the canal, a shopping trip in between then a long walk home while listening to my podcast S.M.A I just couldn’t resist walking that bit longer and then I thought this is my best chance of getting that badge.

I’m feeling very positive and happy now I done it. It’s a great feeling and now I’m going to relax.

It’s not something I aim to do all the time but it’s good to complete a goal.

Happy Easter