Started the morning with my great workouts and ended with my day 25 yoga session

As the weather isn’t very nice I thought I would do a few drawings.

It’s good for the mind to do some drawing it’s rather relaxing. You don’t need to be moving all day long to feel motivated.

Challenge coming to a end


So coming to the end of my 2021 confidence challenge I have given it my all. I planned to complete theses challenges to give me a positive start to the year.

Hope everything is great and enjoy the weekend they really are the best.

Sleeping steps


It’s no secret I love to get steps everyday and the way to enjoy this for me is with great music there is a few workouts on YouTube which do just that’s, clocking up a lot of steps.

A hiit workout is great and I do enjoy a jog now and again but I always like to do a step workout. The last two days I have been working out with Rick I done 5000 steps in 36 minutes and the music was banging.

I would love to do my own workout step count so watch this space it may happen soon.

Just keep up the great workout and keep moving.

Playing catch up


So due to having the weekend off my workouts I got behind with my 20 day yoga challenge so worked hard yesterday and today catching up but I’m all caught up and ready to go again tomorrow.

It has been good doing these longer yoga sessions it really makes you feel like you worked hard on theses challenges and ready to progress to the next level.

Vitamin D

A long walk does wonders for the mind and the sun was present so all was amazing while clocking up steps the thing that inspired me to walk more was listening to fearne cottons sounds of the 90s. It really was feel good factor today. What an amazing Friday and to end the day with 30,000 steps it’s a win win.

All is good all is amazing I have a plan on Monday with my workouts I shall say no more but it maybe on here it may not it all depends how brave I am? Just 👀 this space

Have a great weekend and happy stepping xx

30 day yoga challenge


So I have been doing the yoga breath 30 day challenge it’s going well I’m so glad I signed up for it. This year I want to do all different things so what better way then sign up for challenges to push you out of that comfort zone.

2021 is going to be the year I complete challenges and make a change for the better. That’s why I’m doing little changes little courses to make me confident to live the best life. We only live once let’s make it count.

I have been doing a challenge of a different kind on Facebook it’s a confidence course and it’s opened my eyes and pushed me out of my comfort zone already. I’m really enjoying it and hope it helps me.

Life is good let’s have fun and workout more now my favourite PE sessions are back and thrown in Gina B dance workouts and found a new one step with Rick which is good gave me 1000 steps in7 minutes while waiting for joe to start. It all counts.

Just step up a gear and give your step count a tweak. 💪 you got this 🦶🏻🦶🏻

Weekend warrior


Hope things are going well in lockdown.

I don’t always do much on a weekend with exercise and steps as the week is my main aim but sometimes I work that little bit harder, this weekend I thought I would push myself and do extra workouts and long walks.

It’s nice to have a break today I have given myself to a longer yoga session due to the fact I’m doing a 30 day challenge but was a day behind so gave myself time to catch up but although the practice doesn’t give a big total of steps it’s great core training. Everything helps if it helps you get stronger and fitter.

Good luck on the challengers that you set yourself. The best feeling when you hit your goals.

Keep getting stronger and fitter through lockdown is a great time to do home workouts and learn new skills.