How’s everyone’s week going?

Enjoyed last weekend a lot the start of the football was fun and enjoying certain games, as there isn’t much else to be doing at this present time.

I’m looking forward to Friday as it’s not to busy in work and England are playing so going to treat myself to some wines 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🍾

I have been moving a lot this week and have kept up to date with my workout schedule so I’m on target. Which is good I have one more day to go with my workout then Friday is my cleaning day and then if I do get a bonus workout in on the weekend then that’s great but if I don’t it’s fine also as I am due some time off if need be.

So good luck England for Friday ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

Have a good rest of the week half way through just two more working days left 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Bye 👋👋



Hope everyone is good and feeling healthy.

Hoping we have a good week. Yesterday was a good starting point for my week and feel it’s going to be a good positive week.

Let’s hope the sun stays out 🤞 it’s my day free of workouts today but will doing a little walk after work.

Have a great day ❤️

Happy weekend


Happy vibes everyone

The weekend is a great time to think how hard you worked in the week, I do love doing workouts on the weekend but it’s also a great time to have some much needed rest.

I give myself a little treat on weekends with food and relax abit with my fruit and salads.🍌🍏🍊🍓🥒🥬🥕

I did some great workouts today and mixed it up with the way I done them, I started with a Gina b 10 minute walk followed by a Saturday PE lesson with mr wicks giving me a mixture of HIIT moves and a little core work included. I then did a rick fast walk which included some boxercise moves which was 18minutes. After this one I did a 15minute cardio workout with Jamie Chucking in more HIIT moves for good measure then done my favourite 5 minute walk to Gina b which is a song that I love so that’s why I finished on that one. I ended on yoga whole body flow for 10 minutes. Setting me up for the day.

So now the workout is complete I’m going to enjoy the sun and hope it’s shining where you are.

Coffee scrub


Hope all is well

Feeling good today after completing some great workouts I feel like I have done a great day of movement with a nice yoga session to finish, so shouldn’t be hurting tomorrow 🤞

I also have tried a nice coffee face scrub so give my skin a fresh soft feel which after a workout it’s great to treat your skin to a nice facial. This scrub is a product called upcircle I have only just discovered it, there is so much in the range I use the eye serum which I love and the smell is amazing. I plan to use the other products. Time will tell what difference it will make but it already feels softer.

It’s nice to have a different makeup routine I think your skin can get bored of the same products which can course dull dry prone skin which can make you feel abit conscious and unhappy, with upcircle it’s an affordable product so it’s one you can stick to. It may not be for everyone but I’m happy I found it and I’m going to enjoy washing my face with the scrub while listening to a great podcast.

Hope everyone is having a great time and enjoying doing as much workouts as they enjoy I always enjoy my movements and plan to keep it up. Although I always did do something I have certainly upped my game.

Enjoy the rest of the week I plan to.


Fitness and health first

Hello all

Hope the weekend was a good productive one. It was my daughters 18th birthday so haven’t done any exercise and eating not so healthy so feel that the rest of this week I will need to make up for lost time.

Wednesday will be the start back to my exercise pattern which will be so good,also hopefully the weather for the weekend will allow me to do some walks and get some healthy vitamin D.

It’s nice to have a break and change it up abit before you end up bored of the workouts, but also it’s important to get back as soon as possible because that’s when your end up back to square one and feel sore after the workouts. I don’t hurt anymore and getting stronger with every new workout so breaking the routine is not a good thing to do for to long else it’s hard to get back.

I will be getting my steps and my moves back that’s for sure it feels wrong not doing it, I miss it.

Soon be working out again

Let’s hope the sun will shine this week.

Bye 👋

Healthy living

Hello have had a very healthy week of workouts and I’m on the right track to happiness and well-being.

The key 🔑 is to change up your workout plans do different activities everyday even if you just walk on a Sunday to the shops and back, on the days when you do push yourself your really feel it and it’s so worth while, your really feel deserve that rest day.

I do feel so much better If I have have done a workout ending with yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️practice it’s so good for body and mind 🧠

I plan to do my exercise and keep active this week as the weekend is my daughters 18th so know there will be less movement and more drinking and eating of the wrong kind.still there is always next week to work hard again, you only have a 18 year old daughter once or twice etc depending on how many kids you have. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Yesterday went for a mindful stroll and came a cross these little cuties 🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢

Before I go would like to just say if you need a break from your workouts and need to relax those feet I will recommend a good tv show to watch if it’s not been viewed by you already

I always like to chill out to a good box set and this was very enjoyable but very sad make sure you have the tissues 🧻 at the ready.

Take it easy everyone and have a great week ☀️

Happy thoughts


I am really happy at the moment with the knowledge that it is FRIDAY tomorrow which means my weekend is almost here 🥰

I have done a few days of workouts this week and it’s my Friday workout this week so I plan to do a PE with joe fancy dress Friday for old times sake. Plus I like to keep to the right days if I can. I will also do some core work and get a nice number of steps in ready for the weekend ahead.

I do have certain plans which include at least an hour workout,cleaning my house and would do the garden but the rain may be about? I would like to go canal for a long walk, if it’s raining I could always jump in the bath with my bath bomb and my sounds of the 90s for my entertainment. can’t wait for my weekend now I do love the weekends they make me happy and relaxed.

Hope the rest of this week is a good one for you all. Come 3pm tomorrow afternoon it’s then my weekend so will do all my favourite workouts.

Happy vibes to one and all

Will post again soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Keep smiling stay healthy and fit



Hope the sun is shining where you are, it is for me just finished a good workout which targeted a lot on the abs, my stomach is getting use to that feeling now so the pain isn’t to bad to bare. In fact my whole body is getting more loose and free of pain from any form of exercise.

I have been doing this kind of routine now for over a year and really just starting to notice a difference in my health more so then the appearance of my body.

I done a lot of crunches, mountain climbers, and loads of bicycle reps I certainly gave the abs a good workout.

I do enjoy abs but find you don’t get much steps when doing them so always make sure I fit a step video or cardio just to get the whole body moving.

Glad the weekend is almost here it may not be as productive as last weekend or maybe it will I would love to fit a walk in get some fresh air and movement for the body. Then the workouts start again on Monday.

Next week I will do more toning and abs and cardio workouts throwing in some of my favourite moves.that’s what keeps me motivated and back for more each week as long as there are a lot of good moves in there then the ones that are not so much fun won’t seem so bad. The best is cardio move then an ab move that way your kind of resting between the high intense moves instead of cardio move after cardio.

Well weekend almost upon us and I can’t wait I so love it when we get to Fridays they really are the best day especially when I’m grabbing my bag and coat from work and walking out the door with my earphones in listening to a podcast with the sun blasting down on me. ☀️

Now time to relax 📺

Enjoy the evening everybody ❤️

It’s may 😀


What a great start to the weekend I had I did a early workout and clocked up 11,000 steps by 9.00am Then did the cleaning while listening to s.m.a podcast then went on a long walk while listening to sounds of the 90s.

Got very wet near the end of my walk so had a bath with my bath bomb which smelled amazing you can’t beat a bath bomb after getting soaked by the rain and hail stones.

The swans have had 7 babies they are so adorable.

Happy may to you all and let’s hope the sun comes back out for us soon,I’m more motivated when the sun shines and gives me more energy.

Great start to the month of may