The feelings of calm is very important especially at this stressful time. Everyone is different , I feel calm a lot of the time but when I don’t it doesn’t take long to get the calm back.

My calm is thinking of my favourite place,which is on a beach any beach in the world they are all amazing.

I’m very calm at the moment other then the virus.I’m happy being safe in my own home with my family although I do miss my daughter.

Every Monday to Friday I do a long morning workout p.e with joe wicks and the family then a nice jog followed by a 45minute workout in the gym. That’s a great way to spend the week,that’s my calm place.

Being in lockdown has also made me want to do abit of studying so I have signed up for a health and social care course.not only will it keep me busy it will be rewarding to,and could help me in the future.

Hope everyone stays home and stays safe.keep calm and carry on

You have one life live it 🤪

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