Stressed out 🤬


I’m going to be starting a new course soon it’s a health and fitness one this time,I have a week of my mindfulness course which is great.

Sad times ahead though as i will be returning back to work so workouts and walks will be less which is so sad,Friday will be the hardest day of the week as my canal walk will be no more 😡😡😡😡😡😡

I still want to workout when I can as it will be a shame as I worked so hard and slowly seeing results.

It’s going to be hard but there’s some things I want be going back to because of lockdown one being I’m no way getting up early before work,since lockdown getting up just after 7.30 is a perfect time I’m not tired during the day and am more relaxed.(IM NOT RUSHING)also I’m walking to work no matter what,the fresh air and my iPod will keep me sane just before being inside for hours.

Also keeping up the online learning will be great as I enjoyed the last one so this one will be good as should help with ideas for this blog.

Hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy ❤️❤️

One thought on “Stressed out 🤬

  1. It is super hard to balance things out once life gets back to the new normal. I’m not looking forward to going back to school. But I’m not thinking about that I have a little over a month left of freedom!


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